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Whether a longtime backer or the newest pledge, be the first to receive Kickstarter news, starting with pre-launch! Be informed about rewards, plus important shipping and fulfillment details.

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Collecting Art

Collect art

Receive a message when a new limited editions is available or a particular group of works is spotlighted. Scope out your picks to frame and display. Get early access pricing.

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Work in progress

Witness art at various stages of development. Preliminary images and links to online exhibits. Some works-in-progress are subscriber-only, a few will eventually be finished and become public.

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Behind the scenes

Sent only on occasion, a glimpse of A. K. at work. Witness the wider scenery, equipment, preparation, obstacles, and aftermath. Spoiler alert: this is the "red pill." Uncheck this to stay inside the fantasy.

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Oversized Artworks

You have a lot of wall space you need to fill, or just a large home and a penchant for making a statement. Or maybe you just like to dream big! Measuring 40 inches/102 cm, or more on the long side.

Albums & photobooks


You like your art compact, between covers, and ready for the bookshelf or collector's box. You want them autographed, of course. Stay updated when books are in stock, new ones come out; plus, learn little-known details.

Black and white

A. K.'s tonal manipulation technique reinterprets classic black and white photography with deliberate coloring across various tones. Some traditional darkroom enlargements are also available.


You don't hate color photography! Be sure to check this interest for more frequent color images included in your messages. Uncheck this to reduce how much mail you get.

Themes and spotlights

Check out the newest and see existing artworks through a new perspective.

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You're into the words, thoughts, and ideas behind the art and artist.