Hope: Fine art Nude Photography

Fine art nude photography by A K Nicholas, featuring Hope as the subject and collaborator. Through this versatile and expressive contributor, the images explore a number of themes. In each, she is typically absorbed in her surroundings or an activity. Regardless of directly acknowledging the observer with her gaze, her personality connects with the viewer. These images range from sensual to subtle.

Artist’s Highlights:

As a nude in the landscape, she plays the role of Venus in the wilderness, surrounded by vivid blossoms or a steely-gray seascape. With dirt roads and dead trees, the images contrast an array of textures. With an automobile or motorcycle, she plays the role of the pinup. Her statuesque body, classic profile, and golden-blonde hair are well suited to the role. With studio photography, the emphasis is on her form. Her graceful limbs and artistic mannerisms are center stage.

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