Fine art nude photography by A K Nicholas, featuring Emily as the subject and collaborator. Each model contributes her personality, muscle memory, and conscious ideas to the themes. To celebrate the female form, we have used a variety of themes, including pin-up, industrial, and nude in the landscape. Having worked together many times, we are familiar with each other’s rhythms, often transitioning in unison without verbal communication. Emily has posed in a variety of settings, including the studio, industrial locations, and in nature.

Her long hair and curves epitomize femininity. Her fair skin and even features reflect her cultural heritage. Her experimental nature is reflected in her posing and comes from her love of travel, learning other cultures and interacting with people. She has connections to Germany and Norway. She is also a lover of architecture; this aesthetic pursuit no doubt assists her as a visual collaborator.

The images we produced range from sensual to subtle. The techniques of tonal manipulation (the ones that look close to black and white) and false color help set the mood. Each is available as a limited edition archival photograph on 100% cotton fine art paper.

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  • Industrial nude art. Limited edition original photograph.

    Emily on the Bridge 2/10

    Edition of 10 ~ 20×16 inches

  • near monochromatic art nude photograph. Limited edition

    Emily, Brewhouse Tank 6/25

    Edition of 25 ~ 10×7 inches

  • Pin-up girl photography. Nude art, limited edition for sale

    Emily, Bended Knee in Pink 4/10

    Edition of 10 ~ 20×15 inches

  • urban exploration art nude photograph

    Paper Toss! 2/25

    Edition of 25 ~ 16×11 inches

  • Nude figure, seated. Fine art nude photograph, woman, buy limited edition from emerging artist

    Brushed Back

    Edition of 6 ~ 27×18

  • Urban exploration, art nude, and classic pinup

    Emily Rope

    Edition of 4 ~ 30×20 inches

  • Black and white photography, female nudes

    Ponte elastico

    Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches

  • Assoluta Mien 1/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches

  • limited edition photography fine art nude


    Edition of 10 ~ 16×24 inches