The sensual and the erotic have been elements of art for centuries. These themes are sometimes employed through metaphor, but are often transparent. Represented through the nude form, desire and passion have been ever present in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography.

When I produce sensual imagery, I feel an obligation to a strong aesthetic. I want to guide the eye through the composition. This is one reason many of these are in my tonal manipulation technique (similar to black and white/monochromatic.)

For more than a millenium, Indian drawings and paintings depicted acrobatic poses from the Kama Sutra. Nineteenth century Qing Dynasty (China) paintings depicted couples in amourous undertakings. Twentieth century artists such as Lucian Freud, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Pablo Picasso took on sensual and erotic subject matter.

With the invention of photography, nudes were one of the first subjects. With ever increasing ease and popularity of the medium, some backlash against raw eroticism is inevitable. Still, erotic and sensual photography is celebrated in fine art venues such as Sotheby’s and by photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Hans Bellmer, Helmut Newton, Thomas Ruff, Man Ray, Bob Carlos Clarke, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Wim Delvoye.

In this collection of photography, sensuality is expressed through provocative poses.

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  • Sensual black and white photography "Beach Matinee" limited edition art

    Beach Matinee

    Edition of 6 ~ 18×27 inches

  • Black and white erotic photograph. limited edition nude art archival photo. Artist A K Nicholas

    Summer Fling 2/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 18×27 inches

  • sensual art photography - limited edition erotic art

    Counterpoise 3/15

    Edition of 15 ~ 20×30 inches

  • Contemporary nude art photography "Tête à pied" limited edition

    Tête à pied 2/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 27×18 inches

  • Sensual nude photograph. Limited edition fine art

    L’étreinte magique 2/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 30×20 inches

  • Contemporary erotic art photography. Limited edition nude

    Marisa Trolley Car 5/25

    Edition of 25 ~ 24×16 inches

  • Two nudes. Limited edition fine art nude erotic photography

    Duchess and Disciple 2/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 24×16 inches

  • Limited edition fine art nude erotic photography

    The Secret Embrace 2/10

    Edition of 10 ~ 18×12 inches

  • nude photography print. limited edition archival photograph fine art erotic nude

    Lifeguard Lucky Number 13

    Edition of 10 ~ 20×30 inches

  • Black and white art nude

    The Graceful and the Unyielding

    Edition of 10 ~ 36×24 inches

  • Bondage art. Original fine art nude limited edition photograph, black and white, buy direct from emerging artist


    Edition of 5 ~ 27×18

  • Black & white fine art nude erotic pin-up photograph

    Droll Portal

    Edition of 6 ~ 27×40 inches

  • Assoluta Mien 1/6

    Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches