This spotlight celebrates the pinup girl concept with limited edition nude art photographs.

Art that addresses our primal compulsions can be contemplative or it can be simple. The pinup genre combines both primitive and cultural aspects of sensuality. People learn both prudishness and appetites that are layered on top of our animal instincts.

The first art book I owned was Hajime Soroyama’s “Pinup,” as a teenager. Later, in college, I was influenced by Olivia De Berardinis’ artwork of pinup girls. On a museum visit, I saw “Great American Nude” painted by Tom Wesselmann and realized that the subject of sexual attraction wasn’t strictly taboo. Somewhere in between, I saw my first Playboy magazine, which I used to be reluctant to admit, was also an influence. Later on, I noticed the more nuanced style of Helmut Newton. My final influence would be painting, rather than photography, with the semi-surreal work of Mel Ramos.

I now describe my general style as unapologetic. I don’t rely on strategically placed fig leaves. If you enjoy this unabashed combination of classic aesthetic and glamour, prepare to indulge.

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