Overlapping Triangles 2/10


  • From a limited of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 24×24 inches/61×61 cm
  • Paper: 26×26 inches/66×66 cm



A solitary dancer in a simple square, folds in a series of triangles. Her face is downturned, eyes closed, showing solitude and peace within. One hand grasps a tucked ankle, the other mimics the pointed toes of her foot. The image is collectively modest, sensuous, and serene. The composition is unified by the repetition of angles. Triangles are throughout, formed by her legs, the overall shape of her body, and is repeated in her fingers, shoulder, hip, and the space between her heel, knee, toes, and floor. Highlights and shadows tinted with opposing hues of warm and cool to enhance the perception of dimensionality.

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