Fruit of Knowledge


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 24×16 inches/61×41 cm
  • Paper: 26×18 inches/66×46 cm


Art-ID: JF1_1206 Category: Collections: , ,


Books have been symbolic of scholastic pursuits, appearing in artistic compositions for hundreds of years. Early books were tied to monasteries, giving them an air of tradition and religious propriety. The cryptic book titles hint at an exotic knowledge that encompasses more than what is taught in the confines of the halls in the background.

A solitary nude figure stands defiantly with nature. An institutional building in the background, symbolizing the structure implemented in her life. Potted flowers grow on the windows, epitomizing a prescribed life lived in one place. She has, for now at least, abandoned bookishness and rigor, embracing her free self. A well-manicured lawn stretches the distance between her and the building, a metaphor for her emotional distance from the discretion that the institution signifies. The sky is cloudy but not stormy, with hints of strong sunlight behind the haze.

The pair of spectacles atop the stack of books represents intellectualism. The red apple has a dual meaning associated with scholastic endeavors and also the fruit of knowledge of the garden of Eden. The red swath adds a hand-drawn feeling and symbolizes  passion and adventure.

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