• From a limited edition of 15 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image size: 30×20 inches, 76×51 cm
  • Paper size: 32×22 inches, 81×56 cm
  • Shipped unframed in a sturdy, double-walled tube

This limited edition archival photograph is made with the best quality inks on heavyweight museum-grade paper. Beautiful and long-lasting, this premium process produces exceptional contrast and crisp images. Properly displayed, this photograph will last without noticeable fading or change in color for generations (well over 100 years). A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included.

Artwork is expertly packed, insured, and guaranteed to arrive undamaged.

Limited availability (1 remaining)


Two legs and a strategically placed hand are all that are visible of this nude model. Her legs are raised vertically, crossed at the ankles. Attention is focused on her perfectly manicured nails. From this angle of view, the rest of the body is hidden behind her hips. With much of the body omitted, an enigmatic feeling is unavoidable. The negative space grows darker near her feet at the top of the image, though far from black. Cool tones pervade but give way to hints of warmth in this otherwise monochromatic composition. There is a sense of peace, equilibrium, as well as a thinly veiled eroticism. If any small detail were altered, the balanced atmosphere of the image would be dramatically shifted.

The subject’s body seems to take on the shape of a pear, with her hand covering the seeds of the fruit. In Chinese mythology, the pear tree is symbolic for immortal life, as is a woman, who creates life. This piece brings to mind the dual nature of the female form as both sensual and as the origin of life.

The overall tonal contrast of the composition is low. However the figure stands out starkly in the expanse of flat gray negative space.

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