Spin No. 1

  • Nude art NFT
  • Available of Rarible
  • Blockchain: Etherium

Spin No. 1 From a series of animations, spinning with subtle variations in highlights, brightness, and hue. Two nude women spin slowly in this NFT artwork.

Unlockable content: 30 second animated movie, 1080×1080 px (~2GB download) Still image: 3000×3000 pixel jpeg.

Spin series of NFTs (This is only one of the following)

No 1. (this NFT) 3 minutes, clockwise

No. 2. 6 minutes, slow clockwise

No. 3. 6 minutes, counter clockwise

No. 4. 6 minutes, slow counter clockwise

After purchase, contact artist, then return to this page for unlockable content.