Color and Paper Sample 1


  • 8×12 inches/20×30 cm
  • Printed using an identical process as the artwork
  • Printed on the same paper as the artwork
  • Presents portions of twelve available artworks


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Buying archival fine art photography online for the first time has its challenges. Every device you look at shows colors slightly differently. Although the colors look great on the screen, you wonder how your purchase will look when it arrives.

A description of 300gsm, 100% cotton, smooth art paper is just words. Until you’ve experienced the fine art paper in front of you, the words do very little to create meaning. Understanding what the colors and paper are like can only come from an initial physical experience.

That is why I offer this color sample for new buyers of archival fine art photography and anyone who wants to be certain about the quality of color and paper that I offer. This sample is printed with the same inks and paper as my limited editions. It features twelve image portions from my actual artworks, along with the titles. This allows you to see the exact colors.

I have specifically chosen Breathing Color Pura Smooth Fine Art Paper for a variety of aesthetic and practical reasons. It is independently certified for 100+ years of archival performance. Extensive independent testing by a UKAS accredited laboratory has concluded that it meets archival fine art photography standards set forth by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and lightfastness.

The paper and ink’s color and detail capabilities are outstanding, allowing me to produce either boldly vibrant hues or soft, smooth gradients, depending on the mood of the image. The paper is also heavy, rigid enough to hold its own weight, and has a smooth natural fiber surface. The paper is neither textured nor glossy; it is similar in appearance to papers used in traditional printmaking.