The First Days of Summer 8/10


  • From a limited edition of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 20×20 inches/51×51 cm
  • Paper: 22×22 inches/56×56 cm


Limited availability (3 remaining)


Summer is a magical time full of anticipation and fulfillment. Who you spend the summer with makes it all the more special. Poets and singers have given us tales of summer love, summer breeze, and lazy days of summer. The first days of summer are the most joyful. I grew up in a warm climate where it felt like summer most of the year. I remember hot nights and warm mornings. Nothing compares to the feeling that you can go anywhere and do anything and not worry about the weather.

This original fine art nude photograph is distinct for several reasons: the square format, the angled composition, and the obscured nudity. Ava swims leisurely amidst sparkling ripples. The diagonal composition is electric in its energy invoking feelings of summer whimsy. A figure that is not aligned with the vertical or horizontal edge of the picture is a nod to nonconformity. Her nudity is obscured by the folds of the water, making a vivid statement that is not too provocative for the living room. The inevitabilities of the flow life are reflected in the ripples over her body.

This composition has been a quick favorite, sold to collectors in New York City, Alaska, Atlanta, Spain, and London.

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