Alexis Reclining Blanched Wall


  • From a limited edition of 3 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 26.7×40 inches/68×102 cm
  • Paper: 28.7×42 inches/73×107 cm

Limited availability (3 remaining)

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Alexis reclines against a pale wall in this large-scale art nude photograph. Her dark skin contrasts with the almost blank wall. Although there are generous margins around the figure, she dominates the space. The surface is almost devoid of detail.

Her limbs draw bold lines against the pale background. The angle of her elbow echoes that of her knees. Her one straight arm aligns with her body and the base of the wall.

Her pose has a heaviness to it; her arm cradles her forehead. Sweat reinforces the mood. Her closed eyes and tilted back head imply a degree of weariness, tempered with an ever-present poise. Yet she displays energy in her lifted legs. She seems disengaged from her surroundings. However, the pin-up style pose counters her lack of eye contact. This display acknowledges the presence of the viewer. This awareness removes any voyeuristic feeling from the image.

Rich umber tones and steely-blue shadows define her figure. Muted sienna and ochre hues detail the textures of her skin, ribs, and muscles. In her earlobe is a single sparkling stud. Beads of perspiration accent the textures of her skin. Drops trickle down her breasts, ribcage, arm, and thigh.

Carefully styled hair and manicured fingernails impart an aspect of refinement to her character. Her graceful, determined body language also hints at her personality. A story is more than just a depiction of events, it is about the intentions of the characters.

The large-scale art nude photograph invites exploration of several contrasting textures. The stone tile patio and the flaking wall have similar but contrasting effects. The angled tiles of the ground stand in contrast to the horizontal base of the wall. Additionally, a sideways L-shaped indentation on the wall echoes other lines.

This large-scale art nude photograph is from an edition limited to three impressions. Matted and framed by the art collector, it should occupy an impressive four-foot expanse of wall space. 

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