Insider Auction 1

Manually updated information:

  • Top winner: $330
  • 2nd winner: $320
  • 3rd winner: $300
  • Total bidders: 5

The above was manually updated Jun 3, 4:00 pm (US-East).

Art-ID: AUCT-1 Category:

Auction has ended. No new auctions until 2023.


The insider auction is an opportunity to acquire your choice of one of six limited edition photographs by A. K. Nicholas for a special price. These artworks will be temporarily unavailable on dealer sites until 20 days after the auction ends.

Choose One

Unlike most auctions, you can choose one of six artworks to receive if you win. (Titles are listed below.) This is the one artwork you will win if your bid is accepted. Reply to your bid confirmation email with your choice. You may receive an email from the artist to confirm your selection.

Placing a bid

Just enter a number above, and click “place bid.” You must log in to bid (sign up with your Google or Amazon account.) Bidding starts at $250. Additional bid increments are $10. Raise your bid as many times as you like, but you will only pay once and only win one artwork.

Tracking your bid

Confirmations, inquiries, and updates will be handled via email.

  • You’ll receive automated emails when you are outbid from the top spot
  • The artist will send you manually-typed emails when your ranking changes from the top 3 spots or other important changes.
  • This page will be manually updated with less time-sensitive information.


This is an unusual auction, in that it is multi-winner:

The top 3 bids (at 4 pm on July 3) are guaranteed to be accepted. Additional bids will be filled based on availability. Each winner will receive one artwork. All bidders are competing in a single auction, regardless of which artwork they’ve chosen.

By bidding, you pledge to buy a specific artwork at a specific price if your bid is accepted. Failure to pay will result in a ban from future auctions (it’s not fair to drive up prices then back out.)

Additional bidders may be accepted, at the discretion of the artist. This will happen if the bid is at least the wholesale price paid by an art dealer. This percentage is undisclosed, but is retail, minus dealer commission.

Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction guarantee applies, as with all purchases.

Winner Notification

All notifications will be via email June 3. The top bid will be notified automatically by the auction software and receive a link to immediately checkout. Additional accepted bids will receive a manually generated email with details of how to checkout. In the rare case, phone may be used.


Payment will be after the auction is complete, through normal checkout on Auction ends June 3. Payment is required within 48 hours. Failure to pay = ban from future auctions. Please get in contact if you have difficulties with payment.

Limited Editions

Each artwork is part of a limited edition. You may examine each in detail:

Shipping & Tax

U.S. shipping costs are included. Only South Carolina recipients will be charged applicable sales tax, added at checkout.

International shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Foreign VAT or other non-US taxes are not included in the price and may be due upon receipt in your country, depending on destination.

Bidding Strategy

If you are outbid, you can increase your bid. Your new bid replaces your lower bid. Remember the third-highest bid has the same rights to an artwork as the highest bid. However, bid increments are only $10, so all three are likely to be within $20 of each other.

You may increase your bid as many times as you like. You don’t have to wait to end up in fourth place.


Support will be available via email and phone, before, during, and after the auction.


The top three bid amounts will be posted publicly during the auction. Bidder names will not be made public.

Number of winners

A minimum of three bidders will win (provided at least three people bid). A maximum of 33 bids can win (all six editions sell out by meeting minimum price requirements.) Each winner will make one payment (the amount they bid) and receive one artwork.


How do I bid?

Enter a number above, and click “Place Bid”

It says I need to log in to bid. How do I create an account?

Create an account here. Use your existing Google or Amazon login or follow the instructions at the bottom of that page.

How many artworks can I bid on?


When do I declare my choice of art?

After bidding, you will get an email to reply to.

Will a second or third place bid still win?

Yes. The top three bids will win.

If my bid is pushed to fourth place, can I increase it just enough to get back into third place?

No. To raise any bid, the bidder must outbid the highest current bid.

If my bid is fourth place or lower am I out of the running?

Not necessarily, any bids above the wholesale/dealer price (confidential) will be accepted and bidders will be obligated to complete the purchase.

What is the wholesale/dealer price?

This is confidential. The wholesale/dealer price is the price a dealer pays the artist (based on a fixed percentage commission.) Any bids above this amount will be accepted for payment and win an artwork (while supplies last.)