Liquid Rendezvous


  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 25×25 inches/64×64 cm
  • Paper: 27×27 inches/69×69 cm


Art-ID: PS4_MG_0439 Category: Collections: , ,

A meeting between body and water occurring in a swift passage from air to water. This square composition uses an impactful spectrum of colors and soft details, inspired by memories of an impressionist nude. The submerged body is at a right angle to her extended leg. Hundreds of tiny bubbles congregate around her, suggesting she has just broken the surface. Light pierces the water’s surface, illuminating her body in shades of turquoise, purple and salmon. The fragments of color wrap around her body to form shadows and highlights. The swimmer’s pink and beige skin mingles with blue and a spectrum of other colors.

The broad spectrum of otherworldly colors are comparable to a galaxy of bubbles. Diagonal strokes, grainy dots, and patches of color form textures on multiple scales.

Being submerged is an experience of floating weightlessly through space, if only for a short time. The swimmer closes her eyes and parts her lips slightly, appearing calm and serene. Her time underwater before she runs out of breath is finite, but she lives in the moment.

Underwater photographs tend to obscure the human form; the body is indefinite and ghostlike. Water is both endlessly powerful and easily influenced. The swimmer can change the water’s appearance with the weight of her body, but the water is able to transform her as well.

The composition is rendered with a soft, painterly effect, recalling an impressionist nude painting.

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