Polaroid Daydream


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs + 1 artist proof
  • Signed and numbered by artist A. K. Nicholas
  • Image: 22×22 inches/56×56 cm
  • Paper: 24×24 inches/61×61 cm


Black and white pinup

In this black and white pinup photograph a nude woman on a sofa, with a Polaroid camera and selfie, is lost in a daydream. The composition is clearly deliberate in an homage to classic black and white pinup. Her feet are perched on the back of the sofa, and her torso sinks into the apphostery. An instant camera lays in plane view and a selfie is positioned conspicuously in the foreground.

The composition of the black and white pinup photograph, including the placement of the camera and selfie in the foreground, is clearly deliberate and intended to convey a sense of nostalgia and retro glamour. Overall, this photograph is an example of pinup photography, a genre of art that is characterized by the depiction of women in a stylized and idealized manner, often with a humorous or playful tone.

Influences on pinup

Pinup magazines popularized nude pinup photography. The magazine’s editors were collectors of contemporary art and commissioned works by artists such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Alberto Vargas, Olivia De Berardinis, and LeRoy Neiman to be featured in pinup magazines. The pinup aesthetic, which was characterized by a sophisticated and glamorous style, influenced the way that the female form was depicted in art and popular culture. The pinup magazine’s depiction of the female form was also a departure from the more salacious portrayals common in competing magazines at the time. The pinup magazine espoused a liberal, hedonistic worldview and championed the idea of cultural liberation. This philosophy,  influenced the way that sensuality and gender roles were portrayed in art and popular culture. While the magazine’s content has evolved over the years, its influence on art and popular culture remains significant. Many artists and photographers have been inspired by the magazine’s visual style and its treatment of themes related to beauty and pinup.


This is a contemporary digital photograph, featuring Polaroid photography as a theme. It is not itself a vintage or Polaroid photograph. The image has a soft, dreamy quality, and some details are delicately blended. These aspects can be examined prior to purchase by fully zooming in on each preview.

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