Divine Dilemma 15/15


  • Last one of a limited edition of 15 + 3 Artist proofs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A. K. Nicholas
  • Paper: 8.5×11 inches/22×28 cm
  • Image 7×9.5 inches/18×24 cm

Sold Out

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This mini-print is affordable original nude art in a convenient size. This limited edition photograph ships for free with the purchase of any hardcover photobook.

A single figure stands on one leg. Behind her is a murky lagoon scene that is as mysterious as it is inviting. She lifts one arm and one leg on the same side of her body. With her elbow and knee bent, the contour of this side forms an intriguing shape of negative space (the background near her body.) Her other hand traces the other side of her rib cage with her fingertips.

Her chin is tipped upward and she gazes into the distance. A metallic star hangs from a black ribbon around her neck. Chestnut hair brushes her shoulder. Her lip are parted and she exhibits a peaceful expression.

Although her upper legs are tightly aligned, the general demeanor of the composition is far from modest. She is carefree and blatant in her exaggerated stance.

A glimmer of sun is visible in the upper left, amid the cloudy sky.

There could be a few reasons why an art collector might find this affordable original nude art depicting a woman poolside appealing. One reason is the poolside setting which can evoke feelings of relaxation and leisure, and can be a symbol of luxury and wealth.

The subject matter of the female form has been a popular subject in art throughout history. This pose of a woman by the pool is sensual and alluring.

Additionally, the affordable price point of this piece can make it appealing as it allows art photography collectors who may not have as large of a budget to still acquire original art.

Hopefully, this artwork holds a personal significance for the collector, either because of a personal connection to the setting or subject resonates with the photography collector on an emotional level.

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