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The theme includes urban exploration, abandoned places, factories, machines, and, of course, nude models. With the nude form set against unnatural environments of concrete and chrome, this series contemplates the contrast between the mechanical and the organic; the clean and the gritty. Even the strongest human body is slight and delicate when compared to the rigid, bulky elements of the industrial backdrops. This theme of industry includes places of manufacturing, construction, as well as completed structures. It is, at it’s base, a commentary that compares an idealized “human as an animal” to humanity’s perpetual expansion into the nature. Some scenes are devoid of the natural world, while others show where industry protrudes into the natural world. The images also celebrate the beauty of industrial achievement, by showcasing icons of mechanization in conjunction with the splendor of the human form. The images are intended to be contemplative rather than declarative, introduce topics for discussion rather than expressing opinions. The presentation is mostly visual and individual interpretations will vary, if one draws any conclusion at all.

I'm fascinated by the mortal form set against a rigid, gritty industrial backdrop or gleaming machinery. I have found my way into a number of nearby locations full of concrete, steel, flaking paint, chrome and rust. Some are abandoned and decaying others are part of bustling small businesses.

These brave and beautiful models have ventured with me into interesting, grimy, and somewhat challenging situations to create a series of images that were anything but trivial to produce. We  pushed ourselves to produce the best collection of images we can. Thank you to the models, who endured many hours of uncomfortable surfaces, chilly temperatures, exhausting poses, and stressful schedules, all while appearing serenely calm in the images. In order of appearance, they are: Charity, Emily, Peyton,  Ava Moss, Elena Marie, Jorgie Mason, Hope, Megan, Haley

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The content  includes the images you see here, plus many more, and my concise written thoughts on the processes, locations, and talent that I worked with.

  • Autographed by the artist
  • 8.9×11.4×0.4 inches, 225x314x10 mm
  • 84 pages
  • 70-pound premium paper
  • 105 images of 10 models.
  • 2,500 words of essay by artist A K Nicholas

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