The Secret Embrace


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  • Premium hardcover art nude photography book
  • Autographed by A K Nicholas
  • Over 100 fine art nude photographs
  • 8.5×11 inches/22×28 cm
  • Printed on premium 100 lbs, semi-gloss paper
  • Introductory essay by the artist
  • About the artist section


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The central theme of this collection of images is having many models intertwined, overlapped, or otherwise visually connected. Although the title hints at a clandestine encounter, which is an implied subtext to the collection, the theme is visual.

This theme provides compositions that can confound the viewer. It may be ambiguous as to which limbs belong to which model or how a particular posture has been achieved. Pairing models provides the opportunity for symmetry, including mirroring and rotational symmetry similar to that of the yin yang symbol.

I value the collaborative nature of working with models. Ideas come from three hundred sixty degrees: the photographer, models, and anyone who has influenced us. I adopt the role of film director more than camera operator, providing the models the broad strokes of a character to portray and allowing them to fill in the details.

With dozens of models participating, a variety of combinations of two (or sometimes three) nude women are present in each image.

Having many subjects in a photograph adds a degree of spontaneity, allowing us to produce compositions that we would not have discovered through a single subject. Some models can thrive on interaction with a posing partner. Conversely, having more than one model creates a number of challenges, such as ensuring that all of them are simultaneously in interesting poses. To achieve success with these models, I am careful about how I pair them. I consider each one’s visual appearance, skill level, personality, and working style. I welcome these challenges for the unexpected results that occur.

The settings are diverse, ranging from studio to domestic interiors, rooftops, beaches, and the edge of swimming pools. Most are pure nudes devoid of any fabric or other prop, but I don’t balk at including such elements to enhance the connection between the figures.

I celebrate sensuality as an aspect of what it means to be human and within the context of visual composition. An unapologetic celebration of beauty, these images invite the viewer to explore a dreamlike world. I scrutinize each composition for aesthetics in pursuit of my artistic vision and alter them painstakingly.

The subjects are fictional residents of a parallel world much like our own but frequently more beautiful, more interesting, and sometimes more frightening. The artwork is exploratory—a pastiche of borrowed cultural perceptions and glimpses into an alternate reality that is tantalizingly close. The images contain elements of pinup and hints of the surreal. The goal is not just to entertain the viewer, flatter the subject, or create a technical tour de force, but rather to provoke thought with an interpretation of the motif.

Black and White Section

My tonal manipulation technique often resembles classic chemical processes of black and white photography, such as selenium, sepia, and platinum. A selection of two or more colors are mapped across the darks and lights of the image. I typically spend many hours further adjusting the intensity in select areas in a process that succeeds hand-painting. I remove color from an image to draw the viewer through the shapes and lines of the composition. The near-monochrome tones eliminate distraction and compel an emotional reaction. Reducing an image to near-monochrome brings it closer to its abstract components–the heart of any artwork. Viewing a (nearly) colorless image, free from the seductive spectrum of hues, is a more serious-feeling pursuit.

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