Pink Sands photobook


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Coral beaches, luminous waters, endless sky, and seven beautiful models come together in this collection and discover untouched island beauty. This photography book is a journey of reflection, imagination, and exquisite beauty.

  • Autographed by artist A K Nicholas
  • Introductory essay by the artist
  • 8.9×11.4×0.4 inches, 225x314x10 mm
  • 70-pound premium paper
  • One hundred images

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What is the most breathtakingly beautiful thing you’ve ever discovered? An exceptional natural panorama or the human equivalent can create a lasting impression. This art nude photobook  celebrates the sense of discovery by melding lush island scenes, pristine ocean views, and the natural landscape of the body into an exploration of light, color, and movement. This photography book features 100 nude art images in nature.

Nothing spurs creativity quite as well as an inspiring location. These photographs were created over the course of a week spent on the unspoiled, three-and-a-half-mile Harbour Island, part of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. A remote Caribbean paradise which has captivated painters and photographers for decades, the Island is home to the distinctive coral sands this book is named for. The coral-infused sand gives the beaches a rose hue, which is rendered more clearly when the waves brush against the shoreline.

Water, sand, and light make intriguing patterns, and are especially interesting when combined with the human form. The effects of light on water offer endless possibilities of reflection and distortion. Witness nude art in various combinations with nature, with a strong emphasis on composition and aesthetic. The models pose together and individually.

Come with us as we explore the motifs and colors inspired by nature. A recurring theme is movement; displayed through leaps into the air, cartwheels, and waves lapping on the strand. The predominant colors are those of the beach, water, and sky. The images you see here are a fabricated alternate reality. I adjust the colors the way a painter would adapt the palette of a scene to suit a particular feeling.

The collection finishes with a series of toned images. These bear a strong resemblance to monochrome (black and white or single-color images). However, they contain a range of hues. When color is removed from an image, the patterns, shapes, and lines of the composition are more striking.

This project was made possible by Kickstarter backers.

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