Ava’s Journey Photobook


A collection of 114 images. A mix of pin-up, nude, and erotic art photographs of a single woman, Ava Moss. The emphasis of this collection is natural beauty and fitness. As a model, Ava is expressive and unabashed in her nudity. All images are outdoor settings with prominent themes of water and wilderness. Autographed by artist A.K. Nicholas. Photographed in four all-day sessions in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas (US).

  • Autographed by the artist
  • Hardcover photobook
  • 82 pages
  • Printed on 100 lbs paper, smooth premium finish (not glossy)
  • 11.4×8.7×0.4 inches, 289x222x10 mm
  • Domestic shipping and insurance included

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Cascading Water

Flowing water embodies power and grace all at once.  After a long difficult trail, secluded waterfalls give us a feeling of being immersed in nature.  The sound is all consuming and droplets of water fill the air. The area teems with growth thanks to the life-growing liquid.


The tranquil mountain creeks of the Ozarks are soothing in sight and sound. The light filtering through the leaves dances in a pattern of organic shapes, accented the figure with flickering highlights.


On these tracks, under the train trestle, and the banks of the river that flow beneath it, all became places for us to shoot. A slight anxiety permeated the mood as we both stood where locomotives would  at some unknown time be speeding through. We shot in silence, waiting for the sound of a train whistle at either the road crossing or the blind bend in the other direction.

In the River

Even shallow water has great visual depth. A range of colors and tones form a multitude of shapes. With the light coming from behind, Ava is rimmed with a halo and silhouetted against the brilliant reflection of the sky in the water.


Surrounded by a murky blue mass that fills the frame from edge to edge, Ava floats in tranquility. The texture of the water blends with her skin, contrasting in color and shape. We get a sense of entering a different world, one where
temperature, sound, and even one’s own weight are transformed.


Working with a large animal is unpredictable and exciting. Although this was a docile horse, the element of danger
of riding without a saddle adds to the mood of the images.

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