Liquid Portfolio Album


  • 26 photographs
  • 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Signed/numbered
  • Black linen hardcover, laminated dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper
  • Heavyweight end sheets

Limited availability (1 remaining)

Estimated delivery 2022/10/12 - 2022/10/16

I am pleased to present this portfolio album in limited quantity. Each album is signed and numbered.

I am fascinated by the power of liquid to bend light and take a figure photograph into a fictional world. The ungovernable nature of liquid provides a balance between order and chaos. Although I can predict the general nature of each image, the exact details are left to the randomness of the liquid. A constantly moving mirror and lens, liquids provide intricate visual surprises. Ripples, reflections, splashes, and drops all contribute to a mix of highlights and shadows comprising intricate textures.

The patterns of ripples and waves seem independent of scale with fascinating effects whether depicted close up or far away. The dreamlike nature of liquid adds a touch of the surreal.

In these images, liquids create textures, mood, colors, and unpredictable shapes through cascades, splashes, and ripples. There is something visceral and primal about many of these.

Below the surface is a world that is somewhat alien. Gone are the familiar behavior of light and gravity. The effects of atmosphere on perspective and light are peculiar. Bodies and hair are buoyant and sometimes appear weightless. The metaphor of flying through water is emphasized by outstretched limbs and sweeping motion.

I am intrigued by the myriad ways water moves when it falls, hits the body, then is propelled upwards and outwards. These behaviors of liquid are what first interested me in photographing liquids that appear frozen as they contact the body. Where the source of the water is external to the frame, it streams from above, or appear spontaneously as from nowhere, bursting or drizzling in subtle textures of reflection and shadow

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