Bella Fantasia Portfolio Album


  • 26 photographs
  • 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Signed/numbered
  • Black linen hardcover, laminated dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper
  • Heavyweight end sheets

Limited availability (1 remaining)

About the Artwork

I am pleased to present you with this portfolio of photography.

An unapologetic celebration of the female form, these images invite the viewer to explore a dreamlike world on this visual journey to an unknown destination. The artwork is exploratory; a pastiche of borrowed cultural perceptions and glimpses into an alternate reality that is tantalizingly close to that of our own. This vision at times pays homage to traditional themes and at other times challenges them. This chosen perspective of beauty is neither overwrought with eroticism nor obligated to modesty.

At its core, the creative process of these images is independent of medium. When creating a photograph, I take the same considerations I would as with a painting: what colors do I want to use? Where do I want to place each element? In some cases, I combine several images to achieve a final result. Also as if painting, I might combine an image of a hand or leg from other photographs in a session to get the shape or position that I want. Some compositions are barely touched while in others, my effort is quite obvious.

It’s often said, photographs are “frozen moments.” I would add, “that never were.” These are artistic hallucinations. They exist the way a compelling story exists in literature or in a stage play: the actor is real but the character is two-dimensional illusion.

It is neither my intention nor within my ability to impress solely with technique, but rather to cultivate thoughts and emotions. Other than formal training, little separates me from non-artists. I have no special talents other than passion and an inability to compromise my visions.


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