Square format fine art nude photography

Celebrating square format fine art nude photography; compositions of equal proportions of height and width. The square is a break from the traditional photographic rectangle. Square objects provide structure in studio poses, and other locations offer compositional elements that suggest this shape. Lines and blocks of color invite the body to align with or break across them. Lines of architecture, the horizon, and other elements create geometric planes that can be arranged to contrast with and surround the figure in a square.

Composing outdoors is a distinct experience that lends itself well to square nudes. Away from the studio, the confines of finite backgrounds are absent, so we are free of their rectangular proportions. The crop of the image is not limited to the edge of an artificial backdrop, but rather suggested by groups of landscape elements that assemble alongside the nude within a square.

Although a few older film cameras (Hasselblad, for example) work on a square format, it is unusual. This is especially unconventional with nude photography, as the square format does not naturally lend itself to the elongated proportions of the female body.

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