Becoming a Patron

pa·​tron | \< ˈpā-trən: (noun)

    1. A supporter of an artist or writer. // A patron of the arts.
    2. One that uses wealth or influence to help an individual or cause.


History of Patronage

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The proud tradition of patronage dates back to ancient Rome and was strong during the renaissance. In fifteenth century Florence there were more artisans than butchers. Merchants from modest to wealthy, would support the creative people of the time. In current times, the arts are just as necessary to life. Although you can enjoy much of my work for free, participation in patronage allows those who wish, to directly promote the creative process. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer, your hard work can be used to support the hard work done here at Bella Nuda by the models and myself.

For Insiders

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Patronage is not publicly advertised, this link is available to people who already have a connection the artwork. I want to keep the emphasis on quality rather than mass production. It is my goal to produce images that you will ponder over and return to. I appreciate those who follow my work; it is through your contributions and word-of-mouth that the models and I are able to continue producing this artwork. I want the archive and exclusive exhibits to feel like part of an art gallery, where known persons are allowed to peruse a fuller selection of exhibits.

Supporting Artists

The models are integral partners in the creative process and more than just on-camera talent. The ideas and personalities of the models feed into the end result. Your patronage directly benefits the models and the artist. Without my collectors and supporters I would not be able to produce my art full time.

Each patron's support is equal to my grocery budget for one day. My goal is to reach 30 patrons, and thank them before every meal I eat.

Thanking Patrons

Patrons are important to supporting my art and allow me to continue producing the work that you see in on the site. As a way of thanking patrons, they receive about 100 photos or so in exclusive exhibits, and archived exhibits  (previous public exhibits plus a few extra.) The private area for patrons is updated occasionally.

Patrons receive a reusable coupon code for 15% off the purchase of limited edition photographs and books.

How to Proceed

patron $10.00 per Month. Select

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