Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is a way you can fund creative projects. Crowdfunding is a twist on an time-honored idea; creatives like Mozart and Walt Whitman had in addition to wealthy patrons, supporters of modest means. In exchange for your pledge, you receive a reward such as a photobook or art print. My fundraising campaigns run for less than a month, then the production phase begins.

If you don't have your Kickstarter account yet, I hope I'll be one of the reasons you sign up.


Poolside photobook

100+ image nsfw hardcover photobook, signed limited editions, collectables, autographed rewards, HD video, deluxe oversize portfolio.

Thank you backers!

Kickstarter backers have the option to have their name listed in the acknowledgements. See the Kickstarter backers' list.

Completed Projects

These project have been completed and rewards are in the hands of the backers. Some, but not all, have versions available to the public. In fairness to those who made each project possible, many rewards are exclusively for the original Kickstarter backers.

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These are project ideas that are swimming around my head. Some are in draft stage on Kickstarter, you can preview and comment. If there is a Kickstarter draft, it will definitely happen, but none have been scheduled. Some are of indeterminate status. I want to create an easy way for you to comment or vote on these as a form of feedback.

Music Theme

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I am working with a supplier of pianos and other instruments. (some concepts)

Automobile Theme

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I've been working on automotive shots, finding the ideal locations and subjects. (some concepts)

Light Painting

Light writing art nude photograph

Tracers in the dark. Makes me think of parallels to flinging paint at canvas; a semi-controlled process.