Art Price Transparency and Discounts

You deserve consistent prices, without guesswork, when buying art photography. One of the main concerns of art collectors, both new and established, is price transparency. When buying artwork online, this is especially important. For this reason, every effort has been made to keep prices as simple, transparent, and easy to understand as possible. All photography by A. K. Nicholas have uniform prices, regardless of the art dealer, marketplace. The price you see on this artist-direct site is the same price you will see through any art dealer where A. K. lists the same artwork.

Art Industry standard discounts

Buy art onlineAn industry standard practice is for art dealers to offering up to 15% discounts for larger purchases.  Industry standard discounts are available on this site, comparable to those offered by dealers and galleries.

To make purchases easy, price-based discounts are automatically added in-cart. No coupon code is required. Save 10% on art purchases of $600 or more, save 13% on $750 and up, and save 15% over $1,400. Art photographs can be combined to achieve these discounts.

The discounts detailed above are available year-round and are based on the dollar amount of your purchase. There are no seasonal sales, clearances, deep discount schemes, or loyalty programs to contend with.

This removes the need to compare prices so you can focus on purchasing the art you love through the platform where you feel most comfortable.

A price is displayed for every work that is available. A. K. Nicholas photographs are never displayed through “inquire for price” type art dealers.

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Why transparency matters to the art market

With transparent pricing, it’s easier to focus on shopping for art that is already affordable without being distracted by complex sales or discount codes.

Deloitte and Hiscox have both reported on pricing transparency in the art market. The global art market is less and less the domain of select power players in a few major cities.

High end art is one of the most manipulated markets in our economy. Gallerists are able to dictate the price, and hence the value of the art itself becomes a selling point. Celebrity buyers, and conspicuous consumption, in turn further increase the value.

With emerging artists, such as A. K. Nicholas, it is the natural market demand for the art that dictates the price, along with the artist’s need to sell the art to maintain financial viability (i.e. put food on the table.) In short, independent artists sell art based on what the aesthetics are worth to you, the viewer and collector, rather than how much an art world tastemaker tells you value it.

This upfront approach is more inviting and it has not deterred buyers, whether wealthy or of modest means: we’ve shipped to homes that are valued from $75,000 to $8,000,000.  A. K. Nicholas’s art photography has been collected by major Hollywood filmmakers, bank CEOs, renown physicians, and lawyers all over the United States and a dozen other countries. But it has also been purchased by highway patrol officers, students, other photographers, and data-entry clerks. The accessibility of art does not diminish it’s appeal for those who truly appreciate art for what is is rather than what it costs.

Even savvy collectors with plentiful financial resources don’t want to overspend. No matter what your home is worth or how much you earn, you don’t want to over pay for anything, and buying artwork online is no different.

Simple pricing is better for art

Core collectors of A. K. Nicholas photography care about having something truly original and are much less concerned with bargain or affordable art. Knowing that you’re buying art photography at the best price simplifies the process, leaving you to select the perfect pieces for you walls.

Art dealers provide a valuable service to earn their commission. They do work that the artist would otherwise have to do, such as advertising, so there is no need to undercut dealer prices when selling photography direct. There may be minor fluctuations based on currency exchange rates for foreign-based sellers, and differences in shipping policies and rates that vary by dealer (U.S. shipping is free on this site.)

Prices for a given size are uniform at the introduction of an artwork. In rare cases, when a particular edition is selling exceptionally fast, the price is subject to increase for the latter portion of the edition, based on demand.