Welcome to the art studio of A. K. Nicholas, Bella Nuda Arts.

A. K. Nicholas is a classically trained artist, with a bachelor's degree in art. Traditionally trained in painting, drawing, and photography, he produces large-scale artworks, featuring the the form. Formally trained in painting, sculpture, and theater design, A. K.’s alternate realities are independent of their medium.

A. K.’s visual language is built on diverse artistic traditions from classical and modernist art to contemporary styles. He explores the perceptions of beauty and challenges social convention. More than a collection of forms, integral are artistic fundamentals of pattern, geometry, and texture. His fundamental intent in blending aesthetics with subject matter is to create an effect on the viewer.

On this site you can purchase physical artworks to frame and hang on your walls. This is the same A. K. Nicholas artwork sold through major art dealers. It is in art collections in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Washington DC, Boston, London, Sydney, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and many other places.

Artworks are produced with top-quality materials and archival techniques. They are expertly packaged with the ecology in mind, and shipped insured, guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition. These creations hang in the homes and offices of doctors, lawyers, finance leaders, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and others from all walks of life.