Warm shadows and soft light wrap to define the contours of the body and a climbing rope. A display of athleticism, rendered in warm, shadowy monochrome. These head-to-toe figure studies incorporate a kinetic element to the artwork. As I continue to develop this series of nude photographs, my intent is to emphasize the tension in the body. By using the rope for support, the subject is able to explore poses that would otherwise leave her off-balance. This also allows her to use muscles that would normally be a rest when standing.

Additionally, the rope ads an element of line to each composition. Two bright, sweeping tethers enter each frame from the top and snake through the image. The rope uses the concept of continuity, as our mind connects the segments that disappear behind the figure, interpreting them as a continuous object. The braided texture of the rope echoes the pattern in her hair. Her interaction with the strands connotes both potential and restriction.