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Can I email or post your images as attachments?

Copying or distributing the images, such as email or post attachments, is prohibited. You can email or post links to my online work. You can retweet. The images presented here and my social media are for your enjoyment on your personal device.

Can I make paintings or drawings from your photographs?

No. Stop. Don't. I make original photographs, paintings and drawings of subjects I've collaborated with. Rather than copy my work, you could meet real people to photograph, paint, and draw original compositions.

Can I include your work in a presentation I'm doing?

You may display the publicly available website,, to an audience. Copying the work into a presentation is prohibited.

What about a collage or other editing?

Again, please use your own photos, not mine.

Can I sell prints of your images, put them in my book, or other product or compilation?


Can I set one of your images as my phone wallpaper or print and hang a fuzzy picture on my wall?

On your own device or in your own home, yes.