Commissioned art incorporates your concept into my artistic vision. A concept can be a simple as stating the things you like, such as: long hair, patterns of light, and nature. The concept will be incorporated into my style.

A series of photographs, variations on a theme, can be produced.


  • Original art, created just for you
  • I will create something I am proud of, and sign my name to it


Because each commission is unique, an exact cost will be quoted based on the logistics and discussions that will be required to create the final piece(s). The minimum prices for commissioned work are as follows:

  • 12×18 inch archival photograph: $750
  • 16×24 inch archival photograph: $900
  • 20×30 inch archival photograph: $1,250
  • 24×36 inch archival photograph: $1,750
  • 27×40 inch or larger archival photograph: inquire

Note: The above prices are for privately commissioned photographs. Publicly available photographs on display here.


Some collectors want one-of-a-kind pieces while others prefer bragging rights for being the genesis of a publicly available work. Either is equally acceptable and you can receive credit for your concept, displayed on my website, or remain anonymous.

Realistic Expectations

  • The majority of commission inquires do not lead to a project. This is not because the client cannot afford the price, but because the request is too specific.
  • Animals are problematic. Dogs, cats, snakes, and horses will require additional cost at unpredictable results. I cannot incorporate elephants, giraffes, flamingos, or great white sharks.
  • Unpredictable availability means that a particular model(s) cannot be specified. However, general preferences can be accomodated.

Important Points

  • The artwork will be in my style, don’t ask me to imitate another artist.
  • Direct costs, such as travel, will be covered upfront.
  • Concepts are not blueprints, artists are not manufacturers. Your artwork will be unique. My effort is guaranteed, but the exact image cannot be dictated.
  • I will listen to your input, then create artwork in my style. Unlike an architect or engineer, the exact result cannot be predicted.

The Process

  1. Collector’s Inquiry
  2. Discussion and agreement
  3. Payment of upfront costs (75%)
  4. Production of option samples
  5. Further discussion, client input
  6. Refinement of the art
  7. Production of candidate images
  8. Final client input
  9. Final payment (25%)
  10. Delivery of the physical artwork

Examples of commissioned works