Pinup is the most pervasive influence in this collection of images. Their message is direct, with a subject that is central to the composition. My formative years were interspersed with influences of pinup nudes. My earliest exposure was a book by Hajime Sorayama, simply titled Pin-up. Seeing the painting Great American Nude by Tom Wesselmann in a museum was my first clue that this type of art was not taboo to everyone. In art school, I was further influenced by the paintings of Olivia De Berardinis and photography of Helmut Newton.

Although my style is far from fetish, an awareness of the genre by both me and the models influences the outcome of our work.

Using the technique of false color, I produced a restrained color palette, a method is inspired by oil painting.

The pinups of the past mostly depict women the subject of the voyeur. In contrast, my collaborators are fully invested in the undertaking. The venerable themes unfolds to playful performances.

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