Erotiche Series

Erotic art and nudes can serve to shock or seduce. Desire and passion remain some of the central subjects in art dating back ages.  I neither create nor document elegance, but pay homage to it. These compositions explore both the psyche and the physical, speaking to the longstanding relationship between creativity and sensuality. They examine not only the nature of the viewer’s desires, but those of the subjects, as they express themselves in multiple facets. This collection seeks to captivate rather than shock, so nuance is employed to keep the emphasis on beauty rather than extremes in taste.

The influences are wide, including prehistoric African fertility statues, Japanese shunga, illustrations from the Kama Sutra, and even etchings by Rembrandt. More direct influences include Mel Ramos, Hajime Sorayama, Helmut Newton, and Olivia De Berardinis.

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  • Erotic nude art photograph. Limited edition signed/numbered

    Emily Eros Square

    Edition of 10 ~ 24×16 inches

  • Limited edition fine art nude erotic photography


    30×20 inches ~ Edition of 10

  • Fine art nude erotic photography limited edition

    Alexis White Wall

    30×20 inches ~ Edition of 4

  • Erotic passion, and desire expressed through photography


    Edition of 5 ~ 20×30 inches

  • Erotic art nude

    Hope Chair Floor

    Edition of 10 ~ 18×27 inches

  • Erotic art photography. Limited edition "L'origine del mondo"

    L’origine del mondo

    Edition of 10 ~ 18×27 inches