Nude NFT Art

Nude NFT art (Non-Fungible Tokens) from A. K. Nicholas. Purchase NFT artwork using Ethereum (Cryptocurrency). A. K.’s NFT artworks are digital photographs of the nude female form. Some are static images while others incorporate animation or other effects.

A. K. on Rarible

A. K. on Opensea

Each non-fungible token (NFT) artwork is a unique digital item. Safe purchase and ownership of your NFT is managed with blockchain technology. The authenticity of each NFT can be traced by to it’s creation by A. K. Nicholas, so you can be assured your art nude digital photograph is legitimate. You can resell your NFT on the blockchain and the artist will receive a percentage of the sale.

While the attached digital artwork can be freely duplicated, ownership of the NFT is irrefutable evidence on the Ethereum blockchain of your acquisition. You can think of it like a deed of ownership. Because NFT artworks are digital, transfer of ownership is rapid. And if you decide to sell, this process is also wholly online.

A. K. is “NFT curious” and open to creative possibilities.

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