Traditional Gelatin Silver

Traditional gelatin silver photographs are manually enlarged from 120 film negatives in a darkroom and developed with wet chemistry, entirely by hand, by the artist A. K. Nicholas. Unlike the majority of A.K.’s artwork, no Photoshop or digitization is employed. These gelatin silver photographs are of equal archival stability to other the limited edition archival photographs produced by A. K.

A. K. Nicholas’s first photographs of nude women in art school included traditional gelatin silver photography, enlarged from black and white film.

Also known as medium format, 120 film negatives measure 55x55mm (2.2 inches), over three times the detail of 35mm film. This allows for larger black and white photographs, making it ideal for art nudes.

B&W photography nude woman - black and white print for sale, signedThese images are on premium quality, double-weight (255gsm) black and white photographic paper. The paper is baryta coated for the ultimate beautiful, long-lasting image. The images are selenium toned for a pleasing warm cast and maximum permanence. The 100% analog hand-printed photography process concludes with a lengthy archival wash sequence. They have a smooth finish which is slightly glossy when viewed from an angle.

Not all black and white photography papers are the same. These fine art nude photographs will outlive you and your heirs will see the image unchanged from the way you saw it.

As with any hand-produced artwork, variations are normal evidence of the manual process. The edges may have a slight curl or exhibit drying clamp marks at the corners.

Gelatin silver photographs will be shipped flat, in a double-packed container. The photograph is wrapped in archival, acid-free glassine to prevent contamination. Packaged in an outer sleeve of 275lb-test single-wall board and an inner package of 350lb-test double-wall board, the photographs are insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. A hard ABS plastic puncture guard liner provides extra safety while your valuable artwork is in transit.

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