Art Photo Books

Monographs are image books featuring the art of a single artist. A monograph (photo book) is more substantial than a postcard or simple keepsake. Each coffee-table style art nude photography book from artist A K Nicholas has its own topic.

Eight-and-a-half by eleven inch (22×28 cm) books average more than 100 images each, and are printed on fine 70 pound paper, or heavier. A full image wrap cover.  Each is autographed by the artist.

Each book is organized into visual themes, the sections are introduced with a brief essay authored by the artist.

For a more luxurious presentation, examine the deluxe portfolio albums. Each is a pictorial presentation of two dozen oversized (13×11 in, 33×28 cm) images, printed on the finest heavyweight paper.

Sold directly without a bricks-and-mortar middle-step. details

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