Artist’s Statement

My images are a journey without a known destination. It is an exploration and celebration of beauty. I both pay homage to and challenge traditional ideas of beauty. I would call my style unapologetic; I favor a particular perspective of beauty rather than the full range. Although eroticism does not pervade the images, I feel no obligation for modesty.

I was born in the United States but was raised in the Middle East. I have always been interested in visual expression, and as a second generation artist was exposed to galleries and museums in dozens of countries. My subjects are fictional residents of a parallel world, much like our own, frequently more beautiful, more interesting, and sometimes more frightening. The artwork is exploratory, a pastiche of borrowed cultural perceptions and glimpses into an alternate reality that is tantalizingly close.

I prefer to think of myself as a maker of images; “art photographer” is a clarification of my medium and method of creation. I feel the best images leave the viewer either unsure or unconcerned as to the actual medium or process by which they were produced.

I never intend my photographs to be a technical tour-de-force. I hone my craft only to the degree necessary to convey a concept. When producing art there is no requirement to follow rules, be predictable, or appeal to a mass audience.

By design, my images appeal to a select group of viewers. The allure of mass recognition is seductive, but it is also creatively hazardous. It would be easy enough to simply distill a menu of classic poses, competent photographic practices, and then apply effects that are commonly admired. Such images would be consumed, applauded without criticism, and then quickly forgotten. One of the most exciting things about any creative work is the discussion that surrounds it. For me, success is drawing the viewer in and engaging them emotionally or intellectually, whether that response be positive, negative, or inquisitive.

I am A K Nicholas, a visual artist specializing in figure (fine art nudes) photography. I produce coffee table style photobooks that showcase images, organized into themes with a brief essays that introduce each section. limited edition prints are available, limited to 100 or fewer impressions per edition. I also offer free, monthly online exhibits.

Ava Backstroke, from a limited edition of 15. 24x36 inches
Ava Backstroke, from a limited edition of 15. 24x36 inches $900

Thank You

I extend heartfelt gratitude to those who collect my prints and books. Because of you, I am able to express myself through my images instead of working to someone else's specifications. I have a place to live and work, as well as nutritious food to eat. I can spend as much time as needed on my art. That is all I need. I would not trade a higher paying job for being able to produce my art.

Artist with one blue fingernail
A K Nicholas with Saatchi Art Catalog