An unapologetic celebration of the female form, the figure photography of A K Nicholas leads us into a dream-like world. Trained in painting and drawing, photography is only a starting point on a journey into fictional creations. The artwork references traditional ideas of beauty in a blend of nostalgia and candid sensuality; neither purely erotic nor obliged to modesty. The themes and style are influenced by Mel Ramos, Hajime Sorayama, Helmut Newton, Olivia De Berardinis, and ...more.

Pinup nude fine art limited edition photographs

Pinup Nudes

The influence of classic pinup and the celebration of beauty is central to these direct compositions.

Liquid Nudes theme archival art photographs in limited edition. The ungovernable nature of water balances between order and chaos. A constantly moving mirror and lens, alive with visual surprises.

Liquid Nudes

The ungovernable nature of water balances order and chaos: a constantly surprising mirror and lens.

Urban exploration meets art in unnatural environments of concrete and chrome, contemplating the contrast between mechanical and organic. Fine art nude original limited edition photographs

Industrial Nudes

Urban exploration meets art, contrasting concrete, chrome, mechanical, organic.

Limited edition archival photographs.

Bella Nude photobook art nudes.

The Bella Nuda photobook

115 figurative images, celebrating the female form, portraying a variety of women and moods.

Square Nudes, started via Kickstarter. Breaking tradition, over one hundred figurative images in an unconventional square format, a unique challenge.

Square Nudes: Breaking tradition

A photobook exploring an unconventional square format, a unique compositional challenge.

Coastal Nudes Art Photobook

Coastal Nudes

Fascinating moments when the allure of the ocean, sun, sky, and light on water, frame a female form.

Fine art nude photography landscape

Jun-Jul: Riverfront Silhouette

A winter afternoon, shadow, a bright sky, and the figure combine in these landscape and nude compositions.

Fine art nude photography landscape

Jul-Aug: Threshold

Symbolic of transition, separation, a figure on each side of the threshold, passing and interacting.

fine art nude photography gallery

Jul-Aug: Beach Figure

A series of figure studies in coastal Carolinas. Sand, sky, ocean, and wind all play a role.

Online art exhibit nude black and white photography

Aug-Sep: Brew Hose

Lifting a heavy hose in a brewhouse creates an interesting physical performance

Online art exhibit nude in nature black and white photography

Sep-Oct: Orange Grove

The orange grove is nature tamed, a majestic garden, a manufactured landscape.