Fine Art Nude Photography Gallery - Original Limited Editions by A.K. Nicholas

Fine art nude photography gallery

A. K. Nicholas is an American visual artist who creates photography in an unapologetic celebration of the female nude. His sensual, painterly style mixes formal art training with theatrical elements. This unorthodox aesthetic is an escape from reality that is neither overpowered by eroticism, nor bound to...more.

Liquid Nudes theme archival art photographs in limited edition. The ungovernable nature of water balances between order and chaos. A constantly moving mirror and lens, alive with visual surprises.

Liquid Nudes Photography

Ungovernable in nature, water balances order and chaos: an always stunning mirror and lens.

Studio Nudes Art Photography. Classic studio photography, erotic art.

Studio Nudes Limited Editions

A nod to classic studio photography, a central figure presented in negative space, free of distraction.

Pinup nude photographic fine art in limited edition

Pinup Nudes

The influence of classic pinup and the celebration of beauty is central to these direct compositions.

Black and White. Monochrome art nude photography. Tonal Alteration Technique.

Black and White Nudes

My "tonal alteration technique" resembles monochrome, sepia, and platinum art photography.

The intersection of nature and sensuality pays homage to the tradition of Venus depicted in the wilderness.

Landscape Nude Art

Intersection of nature and sensuality; Homage to classic art theme, Venus in wilderness.

Black and white fine art nude photography on urban industrial theme.

Industrial Nudes Photography

Urban exploration meets art, contrasting concrete, chrome, mechanical, organic.

This fine art nude photography gallery displays the art of A.K. Nicholas. The virtual gallery consists of three digital exhibits of ten images each.  These works in progress are candidates for limited edition photographs or part of a a photobook. Online exhibits are publicly viewable free of charge for two months each.

Fine art nude photography exhibit woman black and white

Dec-Jan: Union Jack

Black and white fine art photography. A series of compressed poses with the theme of a Union Jack flag.

Fine art nude photography exhibit woman

Dec-Jan: Studio Floor

A mix of color and B&W photography of various poses on the studio, without sitting or standing.

Fine art nude photography exhibit woman

Jan-Feb: Malibu Trail

B&W and color images among nature near Malibu California. The body is contrasted with landscape and foliage.