• Black & white fine art nude erotic pin-up photograph
  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist A K Nicholas
  • Image: 40×26.7 inches/102×68 cm
  • Paper: 42×28.7 inches/107×73 cm



A prehistoric-looking scaly lizard lurks in the darkness near the bottom of the composition. Dark spikes and scales camouflage the reptile in the shadows. Three Galapagos crabs scurry along the rough rock, pincers facing forward. It seems that someone may soon be eaten, but it won’t be our hero, who has positioned herself well above the fray. Her position on the precipice is precarious, balanced delicately on a sloped face. She is ironically graceful, on tiptoe in the face of peril. Notice something unusual about her feet, one of many bizarre details making this seem like a hallucination from the subconscious. She is a vertical pillar of ivory, from her leg to her torso, on the charcoal-gray rock. She may not be as defenseless as she appears, with perhaps hidden in her hand behind the rocks. This alien landscape could be high above the city of Albuquerque New Mexico or an unknown distant planet.

The environment looks as cold and bleak as a winter’s day, but our protagonist remains defiant and confident in her pose and expression. She seems unconcerned with the cold blooded creatures just below her. This image is a tale of two regions, divided by space, texture, and color. They represent dichotomies between mammal and reptile, warm and cold, peace and peril, nature and humanity.

The texture of the boulders is rendered in striking detail; fissures emphasize their enormous weight. A distant peak is softer, the contrast making the crispness of the foreground more pronounced.

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