Guess what?

I am headed to Miami for a three day marathon dedicated to art nude photo shoots. The rewards will be a portfolio of images. The main attraction of this area are beautiful scenery, cooperative weather, and plentiful models.

Here are some examples of my past work in similar environments.

I’ll spend three days shooting nudes in Miami.

In the water, on the beach and other interesting places South Florida offers. I’ve lined up a bunch of Miami models and we’re dreaming up ideas.

Within the realm of fine art and pinup photography, the challenge is to evolve fresh approaches that build on my existing style and redefines the way I look at my subject. I’m talking about inspiration. The scenery, weather, and local talent are going to be my inspiration on this project.

You can be part

I will use funds raised for compensating models, travel costs, food, Airbnb rent, and of course to print and ship the portfolios to backers. I’ve set the budget low, at 50% of my actual cost for this project. Any additional funds will help replace worn equipment and replenish supplies. In return, backers receive exclusive photographs as well as publication images before anyone else. Choose from digital downloads, flashdrive, or hardcover demi-portfolio album.

See more images and project details on Kickstarter