I am creating a photobook with 100+ images on the theme of liquid nudes as well as limited edition archival photographs (wall art) for backers. I love working with water and other liquids. The ungovernable nature of liquid provides a balance between order and chaos; I can predict the general nature of the image, but the exact details are left to chance. A constantly moving mirror and lens, the liquid provides intricate visual surprises.

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Bonus images: I will be including up to 75 bonus images at various reward levels. These are downloadable images that are not included in the book, album, or other materials, either due to aesthetic reasons, or maybe they’re too racy. They include outtakes (interesting but flawed shots), behind-the-scenes, and runners-up. In the past I’ve included large numbers of bonus images, which became the most time consuming part of any project, and often resulted in many similar images in the larger packages. Instead, I am now putting my efforts toward quality. Although some backers may prefer the larger quantities of images, most and myself see the benefit in putting my efforts on the published images rather than the bonus section.